Landscape Architect and Urban Planner ByAK ∙ Hon FRIBA ∙ Emeritus of Excellence TUM Prof. em. Peter Latz

Prof. em. Peter Latz

Practice Founder & Senior Director
Landscape Architect and Urban Planner ByAK ∙ Hon FRIBA ∙ Emeritus of Excellence TUM

Peter Latz lives and works with his wife Anneliese in Kranzberg near Munich, Germany. In 2011, they decided to hand over the office to the younger generation, but he still continues to share his expert knowledge, experience and passion to the design team.
For almost 50 years, he led and shaped most of the office’s projects not only in the design phase, but also during implementation on site (and more recently with his son Tilman).

From the beginning, he was deeply interested in planning, teaching and researching in the idea of ecological urban renewal connected to alternative environmental technologies. Since the 1980s, Peter Latz’s work has focused on the reclamation and conversion of former industrialized landscapes and the humanization of infrastructure. He received international recognition with the multiple-award-winning project Landscape Park Duisburg Nord, the metamorphosis of the former Thyssen ironworks into a 230 ha people’s park and vivid part of the city.

Current projects in the European quarter of Luxembourg and in Israel – Ariel Sharon Park and Hiriya Landfill Rehabilitation prove his methodical approach and his ability to develop new expressive forms of contemporary environmental design.

Peter received the 2017 Premio Cagliaripaesaggio, the 2016 IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award, the 2014 Friedrich-Ludwig-von-Sckell Ring of Honour and the 2013 TOPOS Landscape Award for his life’s work. In 2010, he was awarded the Green Good Design People Award for being “a leader, pioneer and innovator in Green Design.” Awards for his most significant and best-known work, the landscape park Duisburg Nord, include the Grande Médaille d’Urbanisme (2001) and the first European Prize for Landscape Architecture Rosa Barba (2000).
In 2016, Peter and Anneliese Latz were awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Peter Latz graduated from the Technical University of Munich as a landscape architect and completed his studies in 1968 after a postgraduate research and studio work in urban planning at the RWTH Aachen. He established in the same year the landscape architecture and planning office with his wife Anneliese. The studio moved with him during his teaching career: 1974 in Kassel and 1988 in Upper Bavaria.
Peter started his academic career in 1968 as a lecturer at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Maastricht, Netherlands. He was appointed as full professor at the University Kassel in 1973. From 1983 until 2008, he held the landscape architecture and planning chair at the Technical University Munich and left as an Emeritus of Excellence. Peter has been also teaching and lecturing worldwide. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania for many years and a visiting professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The quintessence of his theses, research and practical work might be his legacy. His book RUST RED – the landscape park Duisburg Nord was published by Hirmer, Munich in November 2016.