LATZ+PARTNER have been focussing on the development of new forms of expression for the complex tasks facing landscape architecture and urban planning for over 50 years. The practice is internationally renowned for its sensitive and sustainable approaches and designs for urban spaces, offering water sensible and climate adapted solutions and have been awarded myriad prizes.

OURPROJECTS, DESIGNSANDDEVELOPMENTSTRATEGIES connect detailed knowledge of a site, its history and tradition with innovative technologies. They are conceived in a close exchange with our clients at home and abroad. The various methods of participation and an interdisciplinary dialogue with renowned architects, engineers and experts are commonplace to us. They guarantee the high quality of detailing that characterises our projects.

*OUR EXPERIENCE*covers large-scale developments, such as recenetly realised, SAP Garden in the Olympic Park in Munich, Germany. We design large parks such as Parco Dora in Turin and Park Ariel Sharon in Tel Aviv.
We are working on urban transformation sites, such as Tase Lyon, France or the harbours in Bremerhaven new urban neighbourhoods such as Zollhafen Grachten 4,5 in Mainz; on squares, such as Domsplatz Freising or urban squares such as Sinterplatz Belval, Luxembourg, Raadhuisplein Emmen or St Peter‘s Square in Manchester ; on infrastructure projects such as Mittlerer Ring in Munich or Avenue John F Kennedy in Luxembourg.
One focus of our work since the 1980s has been on the one hand the the transformation of post-industrial sites for regional uses and tourism with examples Duisburg Nord Landscape Park, Steel Works in Huangshi, China, as well as water and climate sensible solutions, with projects such as University LMUBMC Martinsried or Ulm Eselsberg, Parc Klosegroendchen or Parc Central, Luxembourg.
Naturally, we are happy to take on commissions for designing open spaces for private and public clients, including universities, schools, housing, offices and retail developments.
The offer highlights in the field of technology, combined with aestetic solutions.
We have always held a particular interest for the high technical standards required for green roofs, water and passive energy systems and recycling, with examples like Sap Garden, Bahnstadt Heidelberg, Tase / Sheds Lyon, Sinterbeckenplatz Luxembourg, Heckenstaller Park Munich, Spreepark Berlin, Park Ariel Sharon Tel Aviv, Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park, Parc Central Luxembourg, SOKA Building Wiesbaden, Riverport Island Saarbrücken or Repsol courtyard Madrid.