New public green space in re-activated urban zones

May 9, 2024

Iris Dupper
Rome, IT

Lecture as part of the event“Cultural heritage and urban regeneration. Spaces and places of the contemporary project – Technological environmental design”.
Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Architecture
Photo: © Alessandra Battisti

Duisburg Nord Landscape Park

Jan. 24, 2024

Tilman Latz

Lecture as part of a two-week workshop in which students from various schools of architecture in Poland (Warsaw), Sweden (Umea) and Ukraine (Rosvit – Lviv) will explore possibilities at four different scales, focussing on the Dnipro River.

Public green spaces in reactivated architectures

Jan. 10, 2024

Iris Dupper
Dresden, DE

Public green spaces in reactivated architectures

Evening lecture as part of the lecture series “spann_weiten” at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Dresden, 7:00 pm, Andreas Schubert Bau, Lecture Hall 120

architectural tuesday, TH Köln

Jan. 9, 2024

Tilman Latz
Cologne, DE

Lecture on Parco Dora, Turin. As part of the lecture series ‘architectural tuesday’, the Faculty of Architecture at the TH Köln will be highlighting successful conversion projects in five European partner cities of the city of Cologne in the winter semester 2023/24.


GSD Harvard Studiotalk

March 8, 2023

Tilman Latz
Online | Cambridge, US

Studiotalk about Post-Industrial Landscapes
by an Invitation from Prof. Stefan Tischer
Dipl.-Ing. (TUM) Landscape Architect
Aga Kahn Visiting Professor in Landscape Architecture
Graduate School of Design
Harvard University

Book launch: Raumortpraxis

Feb. 7, 2023

Tilman Latz
Berlin, DE

Raumortpraxis: Impulses for new lifestyles. Ideas for the Lower Rhine Bay.
Publisher: Hoidn Wang Partner

Book presentation with panel discussion
Barbara Hoidn, Wilfried Wang in conversation with
Petra Wesseler, President of the BBR, Berlin
and Tilman Latz
Moderated by Rudolf Spindler

7 February 2023, 7 pm
Venue: Wasmuth & Zohlen Publishing House
Potsdamerstr. 98A/Garden House
10785 Berlin – Tiergarten

Lund Architecture Symposium (LAS22)

March 9, 2022

Iris Dupper
Lund, SE

New public space in re-activated architectures

Keynote Speaker at the 2022 edition of Lund Architecture Symposium (LAS22), which will engage in (re)activating architectures.During recent years, architecture has frequently been used to communicate the ramifications of contemporary life and culture. Rarer is the communication of architecture’s role within these ramifications. Responding to this dilemma, this symposium will explore architecture that takes a much more active position within the urgency of societal restructuring, reimagining space and form beyond the norms that dictate them. The symposium will unfold different instances and aspects of intervention where (re)activating architectures claim a generative stance within the multiplicity of forces that usher the contemporary condition.

Further information can be found at the following link:

ATMOSPHERE 14 Symposium

Feb. 17, 2022

Tilman Latz
Online | Winnipeg

+HOUSING: living together again
Keynote Lecture as part of the symposium at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba.

‘Living together’ is arguably the most ancient task of architecture and the built/designed environment and is becoming the single most challenging and complex topic as we move towards the post-pandemic paradigm.

Atmosphere 14 | __________ + HOUSING, the 14th annual symposium at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, invites projects and discussions that questions the status quo practice and understanding of housing and speculates how we could live together again. What are the new and emerging normalities? What are the parameters of the living realigned through the pandemic? How can we live together with land and with each other? How dense can we live together; with whom or with what? How long can or should we sustain our living in a region/context, at what cost? What/how can we rethink/reform housing based on what we are experiencing?

The symposium invites projects and discussions that respond to living together again within the present/projected contexts of the post-pandemic world(s). Through the lens of housing, the symposium will examine and imagine emergent ideas and issues related to lifestyle, density, spatial typologies, history & theory, technology & construction, policy & development, regions and territories, environmental strategies and science, social and health parameters, and so on.

Donnerstag, 17, Februar 12:00 Winnipeg time | 19:00 CET


University of Hongkong

Dec. 1, 2021

Tilman Latz
Online | Hongkong

Respect and Adaptation – projects in the Anthropocene
“Climate change and the Covid pandemic make it clear that people need good public space. It should be integrative in a sense that it pays respect to an areas specific culture, its history, its customs and dreams. Landscape Architecture should adapt to a given place and functional setting, integrate desires, invisible cliches about nature and foster social inclusion.
The presentation will focus on some post-Industrial and infrastructural projects, paying tribute to former generations successes and defeats. It will question the traditional process of demolition, construction and reconstruction, by replacing it with a positive and proactive interpretation of given manmade constructions. This allows to save energy, resources and investment, become sustainable and gain a status of resilient, long-lasting placemaking.”

12:00 – 13:30 pm, 1st Dec, Wed, Berlin
19:00 – 20:30 pm, 1st Dec, Wed, Hong Kong

Open lecture, organized by the University of Hong Kong, faculty of architecture.


Quartiers in Transition, EPFL, Lausanne

Oct. 20, 2021

Tilman Latz
Lausanne, CH

Port Rambaud, Lyon-Confluence
Lecture and round-table discussion as part of the PhD student seminar “QUARTIERS IN TRANSITION – Urban waterfront as project opportunity”, organised by the LAST Laboratory of Prof. Emmanuel Rey on 19, 20 and 21 October 2021 at the Technical University in Lausanne (EPFL).

>> download programme (PDF)