Nieuwstraat / Rue Neuve, Brussels, BE

Nieuwstraat / Rue Neuve, Brussels, BE

A shopping street becomes a new urban district

For a new face of Brussels’ main commercial street the town has initiated a redevelopment program with two objectives: In a first step a master plan works out the strategies for a mixed identity of the quarter focussing on diversification of trade and multifunctional use of the public open space. In a second step the Nieuwstraat and its side streets will be renewed completely on basis of the master plan.

Our concept develops highly adaptable spaces with robust surfaces, unobtrusive equipment and a well-coordinated lighting design. Trees, benches and water features will emphasize the edges of streets and squares and the lines of view and motion. The paving will be the most characteristic element: Natural stone as used in the surroundings, sorted by dark and light colours and different surface treatment.

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1st prize in international design competition 2013
Design and realization 2014 – 2020
Team: Latz + Partner, BUUR bureau voor urbanisme, Leuven (BE), ARA & IDEACONSULT (BE)
Client: Ville de Bruxelles
Area: 11,700 m²