Bahnstadt Heidelberg, DE

Bahnstadt Heidelberg, DE

Development of open spaces for a new neighbourhood on former railway land

A new neighbourhood is to be created on the site of Heidelberg’s former goods yard which extends over an area of 116 hectares and is one of Germany’s largest urban development projects.

The open space concept is based on an urban masterplan by Trojan & Trojan, which envisages a large proportion of high-quality public spaces with sub-regional appeal and strong individual identities, applying green and resource-saving construction methods alongside stormwater management.

A 9.5-m long water basin on “Langer Anger” collects stormwater from roofs and courtyards and lets excess water seep into the ground via a system of infiltration areas.

Play areas and lawns abut the main promenade along the edge of the urban development. A seating step mediates between intensively used zones and ecological compensation areas. A long continuous retaining wall made from tamped concrete protects the elevated gardens of the residential blocks. It forms a hard architectural edge that defines the interface between private and public spaces.


Further Information (German)
> Dokumentation des Freiraumkonzeptes (pdf)

Masterplan open space: 2004 – 2005
Design of partial areas: 2008 – 2009
In Collaboration with:
Iris Dupper (, Belzner-Holmes (lighting design), B. Stückle (cost planning)
Client: City of Heidelberg
Area: 116 hectares public space including 29 hectares open space