Riverside walks to Saarbrücken Citizens Park

Riverside walks to Saarbrücken Citizens Park

Focus on the Saar River

A square on the lower level and a footbridge on the upper level turn this ‘nameless place’ between the River Port Island, the convention centre and the newly designed Berlin Promenade into an exciting public area: a pleasant space and ‘Belvedere’, park entrance and park exit, a striking place and an important link within the city structure.
The light aluminium construction of the footbridge leaves the less interesting backs of buildings and directs the view downstream into the distance. It forms a small observation deck, then changes direction and leads directly to the convention centre and River Port Island Park.
The riverside walks also connect on the lower level now, at the point where the entrance to the coal harbour used to be. The square is sunken at this point, offers views of the reflecting surface of the Saar and rises gently up to Faktoreistrasse. There are always people sitting on the wide steps who enjoy being close to the river.

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Design and realization: 2013 – 2015
Structural engineering footbridge: Rogmann Ingenieure, Homburg/Saar
Client: City of Saarbrücken
Area: 4.000 m²