Landscape Architect ByAK Sonja Hlawna

Sonja Hlawna

Senior Associate
Landscape Architect ByAK

Sonja Hlawna has been a member of the team since 1997.
Her wide spectrum of expertise in both small and large-scale projects ranges from project design of squares and parks – including production information and operation on site during construction – to urban planning and spatial landscape planning. Furthermore, she has in-depth knowledge on the subject of accessibility in open spaces.

Her excellent language skills have led to a focus on projects in English-speaking countries. In 2006/2007, she was project leader for the masterplan and approval planning for the regeneration of Crystal Palace Park in London. In 2008, Sonja was responsible for a report on the design of the Lower Lea Valley Park as well as the Barnard Park competition in London, which won first prize. She and three of her colleagues moved to Manchester for half a year in 2012 to manage the St. Peter’s Square project on site.
She is currently leading an ambitious project in Luxembourg: the development of the former industrial site Schmelz Dudelange into a new urban quarter.

Sonja also applies her many skills in project management and production information in a national context: she implemented the design for the Wetterwechsel temporary exhibition garden at the Federal Garden Show Munich 2005, which alongside its special material Jurassic marble offered a climatic “mist experience”. From 2002 to 2009 she fronted the design for a new access at the Dachau concentration camp memorial. She was also responsible for the conversion that ensures accessibility to this special site in late 2014.

Sonja earned her Landscape Architecture diploma from the Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen in 1996.