Landscape Architect ByAK Marcus Rindt

Marcus Rindt

Senior Associate
Landscape Architect ByAK

Marcus Rindt joined Latz+Partner in 2006. His excellent language skills in English and French qualify him for international projects. He was the project leader for Joseph Grimaldi Park near King’s Cross Station in our London office and assistant project leader for the Lea River Park project in London. He and his colleagues returned to England to work on the redevelopment of St Peter’s Square in Manchester.

After developing an outline masterplan for a 150-hectare site in Qingdao/China and, in cooperation with the Strelka Institute, the redesign of public open spaces in the city centre of Moscow, he is currently the project leader for the Nieuwstraat project in Brussels, for a public roof garden in the City of London (Fenchurch Avenue), for open spaces of an office complex in Munich—Pasing and for the masterplan for a new development in Leeds Southbank.

In addition to his project work, Marcus helps with advertising the practice as well as with national and international competitions.

Marcus earned his Landscape Architecture Diploma at the Technische Universität München in 2006.