Promenades, Mittlerer Ring, München DE

Promenades, Mittlerer Ring, München DE

Garmischer Strasse becomes a low-key access road with a significant reduction in traffic. A generous central walkway of around ten metres width is to be fitted into the currently large road space of Garmischer Strasse.

The central promenade becomes a park prioritising vegetation and people and, using aesthetically designed lighting, surfaces and street furniture, provides a space for urban life.
A continuous walkway with benches invites people to stroll along the connection between Westpark and Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz. The promenade now links the neighbourhoods on either side which had once been severed by the road.

>> Master project: Mittlerer Ring Süd-West, Munich, DE

Urban design expertise 1997 – 1998
In cooperation with Stracke und Zurmöhle
Design and implementation of a neighbourhood park and promenades 1997 – 2017
Client: Regional Capital of Munich
Total length: 3.5 km;
of which 1 km promenade,
2 hectares neighbourhood park