Mittlerer Ring Süd-West, Munich, DE

Mittlerer Ring Süd-West, Munich, DE

Transport and open space development above the tunnel of the south-western ring road, including an assessment of various tunnel alternatives and their impact on the open space.

The redevelopment of Munich’s ring road and the addition of road tunnels allowed public space that had been occupied by transport infrastructure to be reclaimed: low-key roads and car parking spaces flank a central walkway that resembles a park, giving priority to vegetation and people and providing a space for urban life with aesthetically designed lighting, surfaces and street furniture.

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Urban design expertise 1997 – 1998
In cooperation with Stracke und Zurmöhle
Design and implementation of a neighbourhood park and promenades 1997 – 2017
Client: Regional Capital of Munich
Total length: 3.5 km;
of which 1 km promenade,
2 hectares neighbourhood park