The Park Motorway A 42, Ruhr district, DE

The Park Motorway A 42, Ruhr district, DE

Staging the landscape along the Ruhr-motorway between Castrop-Rauxel and Kamp-Lintfort

The Park Motorway A 42 has been characterized along its alignment for a long time by a lowly hierarchized arrangement of different buildings and by the change of narrow points and open urban spaces. It is intended to stage a picturesque and varied composition, whose background of industrial culture – densely populated urban areas and a heavily transformed “natural landscape” – enjoys a worldwide reputation.
All interventions aim for being interpreted as “Park”: The visible and the invisible landscape will integrate into a large heterogeneous landscape park, into an overall context which is composed of various elements. Rather than having the impression to be in a special biotope for motorists, road users will perceive themselves as travellers in an Arcadian landscape in terms of a virtual cultural experience.

1st prize in international competition 2009
Team: Latz + Partner (landscape architecture);
integral ruedi baur (signalling design), Zürich;
lde Belzner Holmes (lighting design) Heidelberg
Client: Consortium Park Motorway A 42
Overall length: 58 kilometres