Havenwelten - Lloyd Square

Havenwelten - Lloyd Square

Partial project Lloyd Square

The Lloyd Square is one of the first inlays or stepping stones within the stone carpet and represents the entrance to the harbour. Situated within the Lloyd Street axis it forms the centre of an important sightline from the city to the river and the historic lighthouse. With its wooden materials the place offers a warm and inviting atmosphere in the rough maritime climate.

The deck of the Lloyd Square rises nearly 20 cm above the stone carpet. Oaks, hornbeams and wingnuts grow out of the wooden surface. Like all the other equipment of the site, a special bench with modular design has been developed for the place: The Flow Bench is both, seat and sculpture.

During festivities, a lattice pylon 16 m high illuminates the deck with a flat-top radiator and decorative lighting.

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