Havenwelten - Quays and Mediterranean / Climate House / Hotel

Havenwelten - Quays and Mediterranean / Climate House / Hotel

Partial project Quays and Mediterranean/Climate House/Hotel

The quays are zoned by use of material and equipment. Sawn paving stones with smooth surfaces cover the main walking areas whereas the rough surfaces of cobbled zones along the edges of the quays signal “attention” and caution for pedestrian traffic. Also here street furniture and drainage elements were developed especially for this space and emphasize the specific character of the quays. New multifunctional poles have replaced the old streetlamps.

Embedded into the characteristic stone carpet of the reanimated harbour area, the Climate House, the “Mediterraneo” and the spectacular SAIL City hotel form the new architectural highlights in Bremerhaven. By playing on different levels, the open space design combines the buildings with representative stairs and promenades and generously laid out squares on top of a two story underground garage, linking the whole complex directly to the Weser dike.

>> Master project: Havenwelten – Old/New Harbour Bremerhaven, DE