Port Rambaud, Lyon, FR

Port Rambaud, Lyon, FR

Industry becomes a park

At the southern edge of the new town quarter Lyon Confluence, the former loading and store areas of the Port Rambaud harbour site with its historic functions, its materials and its formal expression become the basis of a new characteristic and complex open space.

Former store houses made of concrete are transformed into pergolas. With a new interpretation, existing store terraces in the surroundings of historic and new buildings offer manifold possibilities of utilization. The Sucrière on Port Rambaud is the location for the Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Industry will not be replaced by a park,
but industry becomes a park.

Design and realization: 2005 – 2020
in construction phases
In collaboration with: Egis Aménagement,
Sol Paysage, Pfarré Lighting Design
Client: SPL Lyon Confluence
Area masterplan: 6.3 hectares
Area open spaces: 5 hectares