Duisburg Nord - Waterpark

Duisburg Nord - Waterpark

Partial project Waterpark

Existing profiles and constructions were used to create an ecological clean water system:

The open waste water canal of the “Old Emscher”, crossing the park from east to west, was transformed into a clear water canal with bridges and footpaths, exclusively fed by the clear rainwater. The waste water is now carried within a 3.5 meter diameter underground main. It is sealed by a layer of clay which collects run off from the buildings, bunkers and former cooling ponds. A windpower installation was set up in the mill tower of the former sintering plant to ensure the cleaning and the transport of the water.

The water channel and the whole water system are an artefact, which aims to restore natural processes in an environment of devastation and distortion. These processes are governed by the rules of ecology, but initiated and maintained by means of technology. Man uses this artefact as a symbol for nature, but remains in charge of the process. The system is at one and the same time entirely natural and entirely artificial.

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