Duisburg-Nord - adventure playground

Duisburg-Nord - adventure playground

Duisburg Nord Landscape Park - a huge adventure playground

All the mineral surfaces, lawns, meadows and gardens can be used throughout the park; the bridges and partially accessible industrial buildings and ruins are open to everyone and offer a large, safe playground in a dramatic environment.
A network of ‘play points’ extends across the whole park. In the transition zones between park and residential areas, selected places and ‘ante-parks’ are specifically designed for children and youths.
For example, the ‘alpine climb’ features a long tube slide at the Erzbunkergalerie, and a toddlers’ playground immediately opposite offers a radius of activity suitable for this age group. A water play area at the foot of a huge windmill allows children to control the flow of water, sedimentation and erosion in a large sand pit, where they can learn through play.
A robust site for trend sports and active games has been built into the steel boxes which were used for storing manganese iron ore. Light and colourful spaces beneath a filigree rod iron structure serve as a popular meeting place for young people. They are set some distance away from the more intensively used spaces, which probably helps to keep vandalism in the park to a minimum.

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