Duisburg-Nord - Sinter Park

Duisburg-Nord - Sinter Park

Partial project Sinter Park

The place of the former sintering plant was heavily contaminated and had to be almost completely demolished. Today it is a flourishing meadow and a shady grove, a huge festival place, framed to the side of the blast furnace plant by the remainders of the former overhead railway and a high level walk. With a length of 300 metres it leads across the bunkers and gives views down into the gardens built at various heights and depths within the bunker site.

Once filled with ore, coal, lime and ashes, the walls now enclose old pollutants in sealed containers, excavated materials, water or gardens- horti conclusi of great variety and abundance. They are places of retreat and contemplation that are so important in a large public park. The new huge windmill is not only part of the ecological water cycle but the symbol of renewal of a once devastated area.

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