Duisburg-Nord - The railway park

Duisburg-Nord - The railway park

Partial project The railway park

The railway lines, still open or out of operation, are the most continuous connections also in the park. They form a filigree pattern, going deep into the living and working areas of the city quarters: “Harps” without crossings and intersections diverging and meeting again – created by engineers and reflecting the hundred year evolution of the area.

The railway park develops according to the ways of transportation in the past. Numerous bridges open up specific perspectives on different levels and secure the coherence in the fragmentary 230 hectares of the park.

Ist colorful vegetation represents a flora immigrated together with the ore from all over the world. The management of the park takes this unique situation into consideration.

The railroad tracks end above the gardens in the former ore-bunkers. A high level walk built with recycled material on the pillars of the former overhead railway, invites to experience the space in a new and different way.

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