Zaryadye Park, Moscow, RU

Zaryadye Park, Moscow, RU

Transformation of Moscow’s largest wasteland into the new central park

A stone’s throw from the Kremlin and the Red Square, soft terraces integrating the buildings as part of the landscape, flowering walls, strings of trees and a lake in the core of the park are forming the key elements in a concept which aims to turn Moscow’s largest wasteland into the green heart of the capital.

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2nd prize in international design competition 2013
Team: Latz + Partner / TPO Reserve (lead) / MAXWAN architects+urbanists, Happold Ltd, Pfarré Lighting Design, Prof. Stefan Pauleit (TUM), Christoph Schmidt (Grün Berlin GmbH), Nataliya Ikonnikova und Ruperti Project LLC
Client: Open Joint-Stock Company “Rossiya”
Area: 14.5 hectares