Crystal Palace Park, London, GB

Crystal Palace Park, London, GB

Rejuvenation and new development with integration of historic relics and installations

After many years of decay and problematic development, Joseph Paxton’s once famous site of the 1854 re-erected Crystal Palace will become a first class destination again. Until the palace burnt down in 1936, the site had been the first and biggest leisure and entertainment park in the world. Today it is one of the Mayor of London’s key projects for the regeneration of the South of London.
The masterplan includes the diversely characterized parts of the park and makes detailed proposals for the existing historical features and buildings such as the National Sports Centre and proposed gateways, new facilities like glasshouses, a museum, amenities’ buildings etc. It integrates an interconnected ecological water system consisting of in several cycles and operated by gravity and solar energy. In each part of the park water gets another aesthetic and acoustic characteristic. Technical systems become aesthetic park elements.

Masterplan: 2006 – 2007
In collaboration with: Meadowcroft Griffin (architects); Steer Davies Gleave (transport); ZEF (waterman environmental); Jane Wernick Associates (structural engineers); Ecology Consultancy Ltd, (environmental specialists);Local Dialogue and others.
Client:LDA London Development Agency
Area: 80 hectares