Solar-City Linz-Pichling, AT

Solar-City Linz-Pichling, AT

Ecological model settlement bordering the Traun river

A new quarter in Linz, the capital of the state of Upper Austria, was planned as an energy-saving living district model for approximately 25,000 inhabitants. It incorporates extensive use of solar energy, the preservation and valorization of resources, and an optimized stormwater management system.

Master plan: 1995 – 1996
In collaboration with: Thomas Herzog, Sir Norman Foster and Richard Rogers
Client: Town of Linz, Austria

Central area
Design and realization: 2000 – 2006
1st prize in invited competition 2000
In collaboration with: Auer + Weber Architects
Client: Town of Linz, Austria
Area: 1.8 hectares

Partial areas in the western and eastern Solar City
Design and realization: 1997 – 2003
In collaboration with: Herzog + Partner Architects
Client: WAG, GWG, Linz, Austria
Area: 4.6 hectares