Haidpark, Munich - Fröttmaning, DE

Haidpark, Munich - Fröttmaning, DE

Green and affordable housing in Fröttmaninger Heide, north of Munich

The housing scheme which lies immediately adjacent to vegetation and wildlife in the semi-dry grassland of Fröttmaning was developed in conjunction with three architecture offices and the Bavarian housing association.
Affordable houses and flats of a high ecological standard are to be made available to all. Through reducing the space requirements for access and infrastructure measures and by minimizing the buildings’ floor areas, 30% of the total site has been left for public open space. This accommodates a neighbourhood park in the south, a transition zone alongside the heath and two green bands running from east to west as green space close to the homes. An efficient stormwater system includes green roofs as intermediate buffers, reduced soil permeability and a swale-trench system.

Neighbourhood park

The southern green space in the new neighbourhood is a large meadow park at the entrance of the housing development. It comprises sunny, partly and heavily shaded areas which can be used for playing and sports or simply for relaxing. An existing group of pines incorporates some oddly shaped old trees. It frames the construction site for a children’s daycare centre. Additional planted areas thin out towards the open meadow.
In the centre of the park is a “play hayrack,” an attraction for children and young people. The colourful timber structure with different levels, climbing ropes and nets, hammocks and giant slides was modelled on a traditional timber hayrack commonly found in the southern Alps.

Residential area of mainly social housing

Design and construction of the open spaces in the eastern residential neighbourhood took place from 2007 to 2011. A long building block screens the inner courtyard-like open spaces and their play and recreation areas from the underground train line. To the rear is a buffer of fastigiate poplars alongside the tracks. Pines, oaks, mountain ash and cherries grow on top of an underground car park which services the multi-storey residential block.

Planning: 1998 – 2006 (parallel to political process)
Further planning and realization: park and single settlement areas 2007 – 2013
In collaboration with: Herzog + Partner architects, Hilmer & Sattler, Steidle + Partner
Client: Bayerische Landessiedlung GmbH (urbanistic pilot scheme and park),
GBW AG, Munich (residential area)
Total Area: 11 hectares