Landscape Architect ByAK ∙ OAI Lux Iris Dupper

Iris Dupper

Partner & Managing and Financial Director
Landscape Architect ByAK ∙ OAI Lux

Iris Dupper has been running the office since 2016 as the partner of Tilman Latz.
She is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund Bayern.

Iris Dupper first studied landscape architecture at Beckett University in Leeds, UK, and graduated with a bachelor of arts in 1993. She continued her studies at the University of Kassel and gained a diploma in 1997.

From 1998 to 2002 she was project leader on international jobs at Michel Desvigne Paysagiste DPLG in Paris. In 2014 she founded Studio Îlot für Landschaftsarchitektur in Munich.

She was the first landscape architect in the field of architecture to receive a Rome Prize fellowship to the German Academy of Rome, Villa Massimo, in 2006/2007.