New cycle and footpath bridge in Heidelberg

New cycle and footpath bridge in Heidelberg

July 15, 2020

1st prize for the team schlaich bergermann partner, LAVA, Latz+Partner

In near future, a new cycle and footpath bridge east of the Bergheim weir will connect Heidelberg’s growing south to the Neuenheimer Feld. It will extend the planned rapid cycle link from Mannheim to Heidelberg and provide a link to the planned network via the Patrick-Henry-Village to Schwetzingen. It also offers new green and open spaces – and thus invites passers-by to enjoy a relaxing break.

Our team proposes a modestly designed bridge, which, coming from the Ochsenkopf, leads along the eastern edge of the Gneisenauplatz through the treetops of the mainly preserved trees. Over the Neckar River, the bridge widens into a seating landscape. So-called Neckar balconies on the northern and southern banks lead directly over the water. What convinced the jury was the fact that the design links the three main locations of the competition task in a grand, curved gesture. The open space design uses the same formal language and creates various places with different qualities, such as seating terraces and balconies over the river. The design proposal for the Gneisenauplatz creates a small protected park in this area.

“A quiet design, a restrained and finely chiselled building with a quality of stay above the water”, Jürgen Odszuck, architect and First Mayor of the town, explained the almost unisonous decision.

The city of Heidelberg and the IBA Heidelberg launched a two-stage planning competition in October 2018 to realise the bridge. Of the 14 designs submitted by the top-class, interdisciplinary and international teams in the first round, the best five were selected in May 2019 and admitted to the second stage for multiple assignment.

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