German Landscape Architecture Prize 2023

German Landscape Architecture Prize 2023

Feb. 15, 2023

Nomination for the Bahnstadt Heidelberg project in the Public Space as Centre category.

The German Landscape Architecture Award honours exemplary projects and their designers. The award recognises socially and ecologically oriented housing and landscape development as well as contemporary open space planning.
Outstanding planning achievements, including conceptual ones, that demonstrate aesthetically sophisticated, innovative, ecological and participatory solutions are honoured.
The 34 nominated projects were selected among 126 entries submitted for the competition.

(Foto: © Kristof Lange)

>> https://www.deutscher-landschaftsarchitektur-preis.de/nominierungen?detail=104
>> https://www.latzundpartner.de/en/projekte/urbane-transformation/bahnstadt-heidelberg-de/