Open Garden

Tidings - 06/09/2018


Vortrag in der Bahnstadt Heidelberg

Lecture - 05/30/2018


London Festival of Architecture 2018

Tidings - 06/01/2018

Official opening of Crystal Garden in London

The London Festival of Architecture 2018 will host an opening party for Crystal Garden.
The “roof park” is a prominent feature of the redeveloped office building in Fenchurch Avenue, which forms part of the urban open space. ...


1st prize Sinterbeckenplatz, Belval

Tidings - 05/24/2018

1st prize for the “Sinterbeckenplatz“ competition in collaboration with the Luxembourg-based architects Metaform.

Sinterbeckenplatz is the centrepiece of the Belval Square Mile area. A loop connects the two cooling basins at the former sinter plant. It symbolises the revitalisation of the past industrial site and ...


Pioneering new territory

Lecture - 04/28/2018


Fachtagung Urbanes Grün

Lecture - 04/11/2018


ENSAG École d'architecture de Grenoble

Lecture - 03/22/2018


Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur

Exhibitions - 02/14/2018



Lecture - 02/10/2018


Construction has commenced!

Tidings - 02/13/2018

Work on the walkway at the Mühldorfer Hart Memorial site has started.

The bunker building site in a woodland near the Upper Bavarian town of Mühldorf claimed more than 5,000 lives at the end of World War II; it was the second largest satellite camp ...