RUST RED - The Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord


Peter Latz

“Approach, Structures, Methods, Places, Visions” – five chapters detail the transformation of the Meiderich Iron Works into one of the most spectacular parks of our time. Peter Latz depicts his work on this internationally influential project with impressive images and offers insights into his theoretical design approach and its practical implementation. Karl Ganser, director of IBA Emscher Park and Marc Treib, architectural historian from Berkeley together with scientists, colleagues and park managers broaden the view of this fascinating landscape which springs from its industrial past.

Author: Peter Latz
Authors of forewords, ‘In Focus‘ contributions, epilogue: Karl Ganser, Marc Treib, Karl-Heinz Danielzik, Jörg Dettmar, Peter Keil, Egbert Bodmann, Ralf Winkels, Günther Lipkowsky, Tilman Latz, Wigbert Riehl, Kerstin Walter
Conception and realisation of the book: Peter Latz, Cordula Gielen, Anneliese Latz, Tilman Latz
With photographs from: Michael Latz (, Thomas Berns, Barrett Doherty, Jane Sebire, Christa Panick, Peter Liedtke, Manfred Vollmer, et al.

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