Rothenkirchen Town Centre, Pressig Market, DE

Rothenkirchen Town Centre, Pressig Market, DE

Redevelopment and extension of the historic centre

The regeneration of the market square and inclusion of the so-called Suffa site into the town’s open space creates a vibrant new centre within the historic town.

The market square is furnished with beautiful old buildings and high flights of steps; it will be extended southwards across the existing district road. The road will be realigned and the district road junction to the east, relocated south. This will give the square a greater area and allow the existing war memorial to be moved into its visual centre as well as optimising the square’s use for events and creating an attractive space for citizens and tourists.

The deliberate division into a section of high-quality granite paving and light-coloured asphalt on the streets creates a barrier-free space with low-noise surfacing. Walls and steps separate the southwestern edge of the square from the elevated parking area on the Suffa site.

A “village lime” planted on the highest point of the square which rises towards the north will accentuate the entrance to church square, while the lower southern section will host a terrace with a beer garden beneath the canopies of trees. Native tree species will be planted to frame the newly created space and to provide character.

1st prize in invited competition 2013
Design and realization: 2013 – 2015
In collaboration with Latz Riehl Partner (construction management)
Client: Markt Pressig
Area competition: 14,000 m²
Area realization: 5,250 m²