Parking at the Esplanade TASE, Lyon, FR

Parking at the Esplanade TASE, Lyon, FR

Development of a parking lot with up-cycling and green islands for the new users of the historic sheds.

The project was planned and realized in the context of the Esplanade TASE in Vaulx-en-Velin, designed by Latz+Partner, on the site of the demolished machine halls. The approximately forty car and bicycle parking spaces are reserved for the users of the preserved sheds, which provide space for new companies and workshops as part of a program of the Lyon Metropole.

As with the neighboring Esplanade, the aim is to combine a contemporary innovative character with highlighting the industrial heritage of the silk factory founded in 1925. In order to minimize resource consumption, existing materials are largely reused: So the floor plate of the former halls serves as the base of the parking lot, and the planting areas are cut out of the concrete. The concrete rubble was sorted by grain size and brought in as crushed stone, earth and stone mixture or mulch. Vegetation will gradually develop into shady green islands in this barren landscape.

The orange color of the shed walls and concrete surfaces, the inscriptions and traces of the industrial past, are powerful elements of the project. They are duplicated and developed further for the parking lot design: An orange corridor marks the pedestrian connection between the vertical wall and the parking lot surface, and the interplay of lettering and graphics serves as signaling. Colors and signs lend identity and legibility to the space, whose industrial character is further strengthened by the striking aesthetics of upcycling.

Planning and realization: 2016 – 2021
Team: Latz + Partner with MRP Paysage, TECTA Engineers
Client: Métropole de Lyon
Area: 3000 m²