Tangshan - Nanhu South Lake District, CN

Tangshan - Nanhu South Lake District, CN

Transformation of Tangshan’s South Lake District into a new landscape

Tangshan, a town characterized by coal-pits and steel mills, was rebuilt completely in the seventies after the big earthquake. Today, social structures are changing and ecological damages have to be corrected.
Leisure time has got a new importance. Therefore the former production landscape of Tangshan‘s South Lake District – 11 square miles of undermined land, partly in desolate state and bordered by temporary settlements dating back to the time after the earthquake – will be changed into a leisure and recreation landscape:
The future landscape is developing step by step out of the existing. Two “ribbons of leisure” come into being: One along the road system, another one together with the lake, a central coherent landscape space with high variability. Because of the still sinking land, there will develop large water surfaces within the next years. They will become the main attraction of the new recreation landscape with embankment promenades,
with all sorts of facilities for water sports, with shaped banks on the one side and natural reed banks on the other side.

Masterplan 2005
1st prize in international competition 2004 – 2005
Together with: Prof. Liu Xiaoming, College of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University
Client: Tangshan District Urban Planning Bureau
Area: 11 square miles (28 square kilometres)