Site GIAT, St. Chamond, FR

Site GIAT, St. Chamond, FR

Urban development planning with economic programming on the site of former arms factories

An old industrial area of 45 hectares, lying adjacent to the central town quarters in a valley besides the motorway, is to be transformed and redeveloped into an integrated part of the inner city.

The still existing steel works and arms factory will leave the site in 2006. In the future there will develop residential and leisure areas, trade and industry within a park surrounded by a soft and hilly landscape.

As an industrial heritage, some of the old structures and elements (large halls, smokestacks, test ramps and test tracks, retaining walls etc.) will be integrated into the transformation process of this important part of the town.

Urban development planning: 2004 – 2006
In collaboration with: UP2M Consultant, tertio, SERALP
Infrastructrue, Beterem Rac, Pfarré Lighting Design
Client: E.P.O.R.A. Etablissement Public foncier de l’ouest Rhône Alpes
Area: 43 hectares