Pistes de Cataroux, Clermont-Ferrand, FR

Pistes de Cataroux, Clermont-Ferrand, FR

Feasibility study about the conversion of parts of the former Michelin plant

The object of this study are 10 hectares of a remarkable historical heritage, here especially the building with the test runways for the different tires. Because of the actual technical and computerized testing methods, these facilities became obsolete. By keeping its historic identity, the area should be developed into a new town quarter with residential and office buildings and a touristic centre with restaurant, hotel and Visitor Centre.

The impressive structure with the runways situated in the basin of Clermont-Ferrand and surrounded by the volcanic mountain ranges of the Auvergne, has always been a land mark symbolizing the entrance to the city. In future it will integrate a cultural centre with a museum. Its characteristic features will be reflected in water surfaces and highlighted at night by effect lighting.

The revitalization of these witnesses of our industrial past with its diversity of new uses promises a close and vivid relationship with both, the old city and the region.

Design: 2006 – 2007
Collaborating engineers and specialists:
Mérimée Conseil for cultural aspects, EGIS Aménagements and BETEREM for technical support.
Client: City of Clermont-Ferrand
Area: 10 hectares