Hongmei Cultural Creative Park, Shenyang, CN

Hongmei Cultural Creative Park, Shenyang, CN

Open Space and spatial concept for the former glutamat factory

The site in Hongmei, where glutamates were produced in an industrial fermentation process, packed and shipped to the whole of China and overseas from 1939 to 2014, is being developed by VANKE China into a unique cultural quarter. Some of the impressive 20th century factory buildings will be restored, the existing vegetation preserved and new architecture in the traditional style added.

We want to support this strong architectural stance with our complementary concept for the exterior spaces. The new building ensemble should form a legible and coherent spatial figure, using only a few design elements that are derived from the existing buildings. The contemporary landscape scheme provides a variety of spatial experiences, structures the site and delivers a specific range of functions for future cultural institutions and visitors to the site.

In front of each building is a square or a spacious promenade, offering space for several events to be staged, accessed and supplied simultaneously. Interior and exterior spaces are connected; all spaces are developed from and with the historical structure of the complex and thus reinforce its impact.
An exceptional urban situation is being created at Hongmei, a northern metropolis with a population of millions, which will not only create a suitable space for future cultural activities, but also provide people living in the surrounding skyscrapers with a special place to spend their leisure time.

Hongmei Cultural Creative Park is a unique cultural quarter for both citizens and tourists in this diverse city. Landscape architecture and architecture work together as a unit and thus furnish this former industrial city with attractive prospects for the future.

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Design and realization: 2018 – 2019
Team: Latz+Partner, Shenyang Greenart (local landscape architects)
Client: Vanke (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
Area Masterplan: ca. 6.2 hectares
Area Landscape Architecture: ca. 4.0 hectares