People's Park and Federal Gardenshow 2001, Potsdam, DE

People's Park and Federal Gardenshow 2001, Potsdam, DE

A new landscape on former military land

Theme of the competition was the creation of residential and commercial areas, a people’s park located on former military grounds and a concept for the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) 2001.

The masterplan is showing the temporary use of the future residential areas as a large car park for the BUGA, the metamorphosis of the former military bulwarks in the centre into sports- and playgrounds, the big glasshouse with an interior park and in the south the wide meadow park with hall-like groves and the spiral landscape elements for the rainwater retention.

Large parts of the area were worked out by other offices. Therefore competition concept and masterplan have been developed consequently only in the southern part. There, a succession of open and shady spaces alternate with wide meadows and light groves which allow for all kinds of activities:

a built landscape, to which the new town quarters will be added later on, and where trees and grass form already the image of the future town.

Design and realization: Southern park areas 1997 – 2001
1st prize in international competition and Masterplan 1997
In collaboration with: Jourda + Perraudin, Paris and HHS, Kassel Client: Development supporter Bornstedter Feld GmbH in trust for the town of Potsdam
Area southern part: 16 hectares
Total area of the park: 70 hectares