Kleiner Tiergarten / Ottopark, Berlin, DE

Kleiner Tiergarten / Ottopark, Berlin, DE

Renewal of a public park of historic value dating back to the fifties

A contemporary renewal of the existing park area is based on elements significant in terms of the history of garden art. The formal and spatial characteristics of the former design are taken on and refined within the framework of a cautious transformation. The thick existing belt of trees and shrubs gets opened by concerted interventions. The thus created ‘woodland isles’ become the distinctive feature of the new park. They interlace the park space with the urban surrounding; they are both connecting and protecting elements. In appearance a continuous hedge, they link together the single parts of the park to a large consistent open space, both in form and content.

To support the creation of varying spaces, the lower branches of the existing trees on the park edge are pruned at different heights. By thinning the stand of trees, the park gets light and warm, and wide multifunctional meadows with generous perspectives are created.

The complex programming of the park is mirrored by the so called ‘function pearls’. It aims at integrating the user needs of all the different visitors in adequate and safe spaces.

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Design and realization: 2010 – 2018
1st prize in Europe-wide competition 2010
Client: Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin
Area: 6.3 hectares