Cap Tingis, Tanger, MA

Cap Tingis, Tanger, MA

Open space concept for a new town quarter at the strait of Gibraltar

Main topic is a sensible approach towards dealing with the existing space and turning the attention on the peculiarities of the landscape. Architecture, vegetation, roads and squares, are to be adjusted most carefully to its strong topography, allowing for important sightlines to the sea and to the city of Tanger. Characteristic landscape elements like existing canyons sloping steeply down to the sea, are preserved and developed into a terraced landscape providing both, technical water retention for economic irrigation systems and exciting park elements for the pleasure of future users. High quality materialization of surfaces, walls and equipment and thoroughly elaborated plantings characterize the public realm as well as private open spaces and gardens.

Planning: 2007 – 2008
Client: Groupe Holmarcom, Jawharat Chamal S.A.
Area: 60 hectares