Jardin public aval, Lyon, FR

Jardin public aval, Lyon, FR

An urban garden on top of an underground parking

Located in between the Rhone River and the Parc de la Tête d’Or, the garden mark the beginnings of the Cité Internationale de Lyon.

Hedges at different heights frame the space and, along the vertical plane, transform into an evergreen roof of trees, which translates the Cité’s high-rise architecture into a volume of silver grey-green vegetation. Architecturally contained on the exterior, it becomes a symbol of “romantic” nature in the interior: holm oaks grow freely in the open space towards the flower meadow in the centre of the gardens.
The “Luminous Figure” by Kazuo Katase is the focus of the axial connections. The cover’s fabric-like texture communicates with the plant foliage and the facades. It shines with increasing brightness as darkness falls.

The evergreen tree canopies are lit from below. Until the canopies close to form a roof, filigree branches and foliage reflect light on metal plates. Light limestone, the material of Lyon’s historic embankments, is used for the surrounding stone slopes, the steps, ramps and the furniture.

1st prize in invited competition (2001) with Kazuo Katase

Planning and realization: 2001 – 2003
Lighting: L.E.A., Lyon
Client: S.E.M. Lyon
Area: 4,500 m²