Secondary School Olching, DE

Secondary School Olching, DE

Generous open spaces for a new school and multipurpose sports hall

The new school development contributes to the urban design environment at the south side of the existing grammar school and the new housing scheme of Schwaigfeld.
Clearly demarcated and self-contained open spaces structure the external areas:

  • A public all-weather area and park with a generous opening towards Georgenstra├če, structured by a seating wall and trees, bounded in the north by a climbing wall/noise barrier and a covered pergola for bicycles and refuse bins.
  • A grove of trees in the schoolyard comprising a long bench which serves as both a separating and communication element between the forecourt and school grounds.
  • A grass playing field surrounded by free-standing groups of trees as a transition between the park in the south and a “green classroom”, whose plant borders in between the school and the sports buildings are edged with walls.
  • A tall hornbeam hedge screens the boundary with private gardens in the west.

Design and realization: 2009 – 2014
Architecture: Hausmann Architekten, Aachen
Client: Bauamt Gemeinde Olching
Area: 14,300 m┬▓