Bank Manchester

Manifold combinable bench

Bank Manchester

Due to its size, presence and multiple uses, this bank is more of an urban property than a piece of furniture. With its gentle curves on all sides, it invites to sit or lean back and sets an accent in the urban space, but always retains its light-footed elegance.

Armrests and backrests can be combined in numerous lengths and variations. Discreet LED lighting and skater protection elements can also be integrated.
(registered design)

Material: galvanised steel, powder-coated, wood surface made of FSC-certified hardwood
Colour: DB 703 (micaceous iron oxide) or in any colour according to RAL
Dimensions: Length from 5,6m
Seat height: 40cm -55cm, depending on installation
Depth: 1,59 cm
Extension: pairs of feet in 75 cm increments
Manufacturer: Runge

>> see the product in the St. Peter’s Square project