Baupreis Allgäu 2023

Baupreis Allgäu 2023

May 11, 2023

Award for the Karoline-Goldhofer-Kindertageseinrichtung in Memmingen

The Baupreis Allgäu is awarded to projects in which architects take on social responsibility in cooperation with the building owners. This responsibility also includes the sustainable design of a high-quality environment.

The Reggio pedagogy of the Karoline-Goldhofer-Kindertageseinrichtung in Memmingen also plays a role in the design of the site. Part of the concept is to value the given environment and to deal with the available resources. These principles of sustainability are applied to the conversion of the Goldhofer-Villa as well as to the open spaces. Recycled materials from the site are used to create new, diverse experiential spaces.

This is what makes the project stand out and why, after winning the global UIA award, it also wins the local award Baupreis Allgäu 2023.

Client: Alois Goldhofer foundation
Architecture: heilergeiger architekten und stadtplaner BDA
Landscape: LATZ+PARTNER LandschaftsArchitekturStadtplanung

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