Construction of the Pomppark Zuid green link to start in 2024

Construction of the Pomppark Zuid green link to start in 2024

May 27, 2023

The Antwerp College has approved the design for Pomppark Zuid, to be built on the site of the former Brialmont ramparts.

The central point of the new Pomppark will be the existing pumping station, which is also the quietest place in the park as it is at its lowest point: almost eight metres below the street level of the Singel and shielded by a noise barrier. A seating mound with several terraces and a fa├žade that can be used for street art surround the pumping station.

The existing vegetation has its place in the project and is complemented by new greenery in the form of meadows, shrubs and trees. Two new green spaces will give residents the opportunity to enjoy the park. A special feature is that all rainwater will be collected in the park itself and will also be able to drain on site, which is also beneficial in view of the sealing caused by the Singel. In addition to greenery and water, cultural heritage will also play a central role in the park. The areas of two city gates of the former city wall of Brialmont are located on the site of the park and are indicated by mud brick walls. Pathways show the original passageway and a stone shows the layout of the entire Brialmont wall. Children and dogs are also catered for with a spacious playground and dog walking area.

Pomppark Zuid is the first project of Ringpark Groene Vesten, in the southern part between Kolonel Silvertoplaan and Jan van Rijswijcklaan. The new park is located between Antwerp South station, the railway, Desguinlei and Jan Van Rijswijcklaan. The approved design is the result of several working sessions and ring days with the possibility of a future overlay.

‘With this we are taking the first step in the development of Ringpark Groene Vesten, a park that will connect the existing and the new Vesten Park,’ says Koen Kennis (N-VA), alderman for mobility. ‘This will make this area along the ring road a green residential area for the city and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Together with the planting of the green zone, we are implementing noise mitigation measures that will have a positive impact on the quality of life in the neighbourhoods in the short term.’

The new Ringpark is scheduled to open in autumn 2026.

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