1st prize Sinterbeckenplatz, Belval

1st prize Sinterbeckenplatz, Belval

May 24, 2018

1st prize for the “Sinterbeckenplatz“ competition in collaboration with the Luxembourg-based architects Metaform.

Sinterbeckenplatz is the centrepiece of the Belval Square Mile area. A loop connects the two cooling basins at the former sinter plant. It symbolises the revitalisation of the past industrial site and its new activities. The exceptional open spaces cover the original dimensions of the basins.
A sunken public space with stepped seating forms a small amphitheatre in the southern basin. The northern basin houses a restaurant with large windows and a panorama terrace offering views of the garden, water feature and the square in the southern basin. The size and character of the northern basin can be appreciated particularly from the “aquarium”, a glass cube in the basement of the restaurant.

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