Hiriya, Tel Aviv, IL

Hiriya, Tel Aviv, IL

Transformation of the Hiriya landfill into a landscape park

From the distance, Hiriya appears as the „mystic mountain” in the midst of the spacious Ayalon plain. By preserving its striking silhouette from the outside, the inside becomes a landscape, an open and public Mediterranean scene, in its core the fountain as the symbol for nature.

Two streams at the foot of the mountain are getting relocated and will meander freely in the plain. A flat ramp winds up to the plateau, adjusting to the existing shape. A new tree-covered terrace supports the foot of the mountain offering a wide variety of possible uses.

1st prize in international competition 2004
Design and realization: since 2004
In collaboration with: Moria-Sekely, Tel Aviv
Client: Park Ariel Sharon Ltd., Beracha Foundation
Area: 118 hectares
Award: Green Good Design 2010 Award in the category Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture