High-rise Viertel Zwei, Vienna, AT

High-rise Viertel Zwei, Vienna, AT

Development of a new vibrant centre in Vienna

The surroundings of the Vienna racecourse in the 2nd district have been transformed into an exceptional place in recent years. The revitalisation and conversion of the stables into a centre with great appeal for the whole city is the next step in the development. A new landmark for Vienna is created immediately adjacent to it: two new high-rises in the VIERTELZWEI.
The remaining open space on the site is mainly circulation space; the central square is left open. The stacked levels at the foot of the towers extend the public open space manifold and offer opportunities for individual design. Like in the winter gardens and terraces above, their quality is determined by green spaces in the form of planted borders, shading trees or areas that can be used for play and seating, and whose diversity gives reason to expect high amenity value.

Close collaboration of architecture, landscape and technical constraints is essential to be able to plant trees up to the fourth level. At ground level – except in the large square – the rows of trees from the neighbouring plots continue. In the tiered areas, trees and borders change on each level according to the respective uses. On the lower tier, standard trees that cast light shade are planted, the external area of the daycare facility for children receives lawns with small fruit trees and the uppermost tier is furnished with small multi-stem trees in containers that serve as seats.

1. Prize in the realization competition 2018
Schematic design and concept design until 2019
In collaboration with: Mario Cucinella Architects Srl (lead), TRIAX Ziviltechniker GmbH and Transsolar KlimaEngineering