University of Hongkong

University of Hongkong

1 décembre 2021

Tilman Latz
Online | Hongkong

Respect and Adaptation – projects in the Anthropocene
“Climate change and the Covid pandemic make it clear that people need good public space. It should be integrative in a sense that it pays respect to an areas specific culture, its history, its customs and dreams. Landscape Architecture should adapt to a given place and functional setting, integrate desires, invisible cliches about nature and foster social inclusion.
The presentation will focus on some post-Industrial and infrastructural projects, paying tribute to former generations successes and defeats. It will question the traditional process of demolition, construction and reconstruction, by replacing it with a positive and proactive interpretation of given manmade constructions. This allows to save energy, resources and investment, become sustainable and gain a status of resilient, long-lasting placemaking.”

12:00 – 13:30 pm, 1st Dec, Wed, Berlin
19:00 – 20:30 pm, 1st Dec, Wed, Hong Kong

Open lecture, organized by the University of Hong Kong, faculty of architecture.