Lund Architecture Symposium (LAS22)

9 mars 2022

Iris Dupper
Online | Lund, SE

New public space in re-activated architectures

Keynote Speaker at the 2022 edition of Lund Architecture Symposium (LAS22), which will engage in (re)activating architectures.During recent years, architecture has frequently been used to communicate the ramifications of contemporary life and culture. Rarer is the communication of architecture’s role within these ramifications. Responding to this dilemma, this symposium will explore architecture that takes a much more active position within the urgency of societal restructuring, reimagining space and form beyond the norms that dictate them. The symposium will unfold different instances and aspects of intervention where (re)activating architectures claim a generative stance within the multiplicity of forces that usher the contemporary condition.

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